• LED Lamp for Notebook (Laptop) or PC with Clip-on for quick fastening to the Screen Frame
• The Clip-on Lamp is infinitely variable for keyboard, 5 LEDs illuminates the Laptop
• Due to the Clip-on-Function, the LED Lamp is very quick clamped to the Screen Frame
• includes a 50 cm power cable with self retraction / Power supply via USB connection
• Much more advantageous than Lamps with flexible necks – with meassures of 62 x 45 x 20 mm and weight of only 30 g you will be convinced immediately


If you work daily with your PC, Laptop or Netbook take care of your eyes! For this reason – it doesn't matter if you work with Netbook or Laptop – the keyboard should be sufficiently illuminated!

No matter where you work, from now on the practicable Clip-on LED Lamp illuminates your keyboard with 5 bright LED's.

Due to the Clip-on-Function you clamp the LED Lamp on the Screen Frame first.

Than you connect the LED Lamp with the USB-Port and promptly you are able to work, chat or play very comfortable even so the lightning conditions are insufficient.

And from now on there's no more cable tangle. After you finished work, press the button and the power cable will be retracted into the housing.

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Especially on sulky weather, on the terrace in the evening or in a faint train compartment a comfortable working is not possible in fact of an insufficient natural light. If a person works daily with PC, Laptop or Netbook there's always the wish to save one's eyes.




Wouldn't it be great if there's a Lamp who is simple and fast mounted directly on the PC, Laptop or Netbook?

Time now for a helpfull EDV-Tool that facilitates your business in a faint environment:
. Already a LED Lamp for Laptop, Netbook and PC
. The Clip-on Lamp is infinitely variable
. 5 LED's illuminates the Laptop especially the keyboard
. Power supply via included USB plug
. 50 cm Power cable with retraction, so no more trouble with cable tangle

Operating Instructions

Best results with the helpful Tool if you clamp the LED Lamp in centre of the upper Screen Frame.
But clamp on only to the Frame not directly to the Screen!
After work, clip off the LED Lamp an unplug the USB.



Dimensions: 62 x 45 x 20 mm
Length USB Cable: 50 cm with cable retraction
Material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Plastic
Colour: silver with black frame
Packing: single-carton

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